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The second wave of COVID-19 sort of hit Shanghai by surprise. Thus far, the city had been spared the worst of the pandemic, avoiding the harsh lockdowns seen in Wuhan and elsewhere. Sure, plenty of imported cases trickled in, and the last month saw an uptick in cases in Northern China. But we never thought the virus would cross the Yangtze to wreak havoc on this quiet coastal village of 24 million people.

But it came back. It came back with a vengeance; a fury of rage and hellfire that only the COVID-19 virus could muster. They cordoned off entire…

Trump’s WeChat and TikTok ban is dumb. It’s the latest of many dumb things done by a dumb president. As an American, I can freely say that online. If my fellow Americans continue their collective shoulder-shrug about Trump’s WeChat and TikTok ban, I might not be able to for much longer.

What the hell is a WeChat, anyway?

I know very little about TikTok, so I’m not going to write too much about it. I do know a little bit about WeChat.

Some say that WeChat is “Chinese Facebook”, but it’s way more than that. The app is deeply ingrained into daily life in China. Want to…

When the Covid-19 virus first hit, we had friends and relatives telling us to come back to the U.S. To be honest, I thought about it quite seriously. But we took a gamble, and we stayed in China. Now, the numbers are slowing to a trickle in China while rising to crazy levels in the U.S. Yet, despite the numbers, both countries are now reopening. From what I’ve been reading, the U.S. approach seems to be to just open the doors and letting what happens happen. So, how is China reopening?


Thankfully, we spent the first month of the Covid-19…


Hello. I’m an American living in Shanghai, China. I have a weird name. I also write a blog about some things I see and do:

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